Les devoirs du 6 juin au 10 juin

lundi, le 6 juin— Study weather and sports/activities in preparation for listening practice tomorrow in class.

mardi, le 7 juin— Study family members, numbers (1-10), sports, school subjects, and days of the week in preparation for reading practice tomorrow in class.

mercredi, le 8 juin— Study weather, numbers (1-10), sports, days of the week, school subjects and verbs (regular and irregular) in preparation for vocabulary review practice tomorrow in class.

jeudi, le 9 juin— Study reg and irregular verbs (definitions and conjugations) and making sentences negative in French in preparation for grammar review practice tomorrow in class.

vendredi, le 10 juin— Study for your final which will start on Monday. The Final Exam Format and the Review Vocabulary Packet are attached here, as well as on the “End of the Year Review” page linked on the left.


Les devoirs du 30 mai au 3 juin

lundi, le 30 mai— No School

mardi, le 31 mai— If you did not finish your writing template from last week, finish it tonight. If you did finish the template, study for your writing test that will be Thursday and Friday this week.

mercredi, le premier juin— Study for your writing test that will be Thursday and Friday this week.

jeudi, le 2 juin— Study for the second part of your writing test that will be tomorrow.

vendredi, le 3 juin— Begin reviewing old vocabulary and grammar in preparation for review next week.

Les devoirs du 23 mai au 27 mai

Note: Because of NWEA testing, periods 8 and 9 will not meet on Wednesday or Thursday.

lundi, le 23 mai— Complete the matching likes with clubs worksheet handed out in class today. This is due Wednesday except for periods 8 and 9, who have to turn it in tomorrow. Also, study for a quiz tomorrow on transition words.

mardi, le 24 mai— The matching likes with clubs worksheet is due tomorrow (for periods 2, 5, and 7).

mercredi, le 25 mai— No homework

jeudi, le 26 mai— If you did not complete the Writing Practice we worked on in class, you must finish it for homework over the long weekend. It is due Tuesday, May 31 when we come back. For 7th period only, it will be due Wednesday, June 1 (because of Advisory on Tuesday, 7th period French will not have class.)

vendredi, le 27 mai— No School

Les devoirs du 16 mai au 20 mai

lundi, le 16 mai— Create a flowchart like the example one handed out in class today. Here are the directions to help you. This will count as a take-home quiz grade. Please refer to the rubric handed out in class as to how your flowchart will be graded. It is due on Thursday. Also, study for a quiz Thursday on the three question types we’ve been looking at in French.

Flowchart Example

mardi, le 17 mai— Continue working on your flowchart and studying for a quiz on question types.

mercredi, le 18 mai— Your flowchart is due tomorrow and the quiz on question types is tomorrow also.

jeudi, le 19 mai— Pas de devoirs (no homework)

vendredi, le 20 mai— Pas de devoirs

Les devoirs du 9 mai au 13 mai

lundi, le 9 mai— Study verb endings for regular RE verbs and for the irregular verb faire. There will be a quiz on these tomorrow.

mardi, le 10 mai— Pas de devoirs (no homework)

mercredi, le 11 mai— Read the handout about comic books (les bandes dessinées) in France. Complete the numbers activity on page 10 and the Comprehension questions on page 11. Then choose and complete either option A or option B on the third page.

jeudi, le 12 mai— Pas de devoirs (no homework) for periods 5,7, and 8. Periods 2 and 9 have Wednesday night’s homework.

vendredi, le 13 mai— Practice the three types of questions we looked at in class this week. There will be a quiz on them Wednesday next week. Suggestion: Put the example questions from your notes on flashcards (or small pieces of paper) with the type of question it is on the back so that you can quiz yourself.

Les devoirs du 2 mai au 6 mai

lundi, le 2 mai– Read and sign the announcements page handed out in class today. Complete the soccer worksheet by writing a 1 sentence caption for each picture in French. You may use the suggestions given in class or make up your own sentence. Be sure to use the vocabulary from your packet.

mardi, le 3 mai– Complete Contractions with a and de

mercredi, le 4 mai– Complete the practice questions on page 3 of the Grammar Packet

jeudi, le 5 mai– Practice RE verb endings and the conjugations of faire. The quiz on these will be Tuesday, May 10.

vendredi, le 6 mai– Practice RE verb endings and the conjugations of faire.